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Thai, also known as Siamese, is the national language of Thailand - the land of smiles. The written Thai language as we know it today dates back to King Ramkamhaeng's reign during the Sukhothai period back in 1283. The spoken language is thought to have originated somewhere between the Chinese and Vietnamese land of today and is closely related to the languages of Myanmar, northern Vietnam, Yunnan and Laos. 

Thailand is deservedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world with its beautiful, untouched beaches, sprawling national parks and vibrant, friendly people. It's unsurprising that we so often hear people answer with "Thailand" when we ask where they're planning to vacation to next. Particularly popular with Australians are the islands which make up most of the south of Thailand – the party islands such as Koh Pha Ngan which is renowned for its monthly Full Moon Party, Koh Samui which is the country’s second largest island and well-known for its palm tree-lined beaches, the Phi Phi Islands with its crystal clear waters famously portrayed in the 2000 movie “The Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio. On the flip side, if you enjoy a quieter experience and beautiful scenery, you’ll most likely be more inclined to visit the northern regions. There’s Chiang Mai – the largest city in northern Thailand and is surrounded by mountains which are perfect to visit for day trips, Chiang Rai - situated near the Laos border and is home to Wat Rong Khun, better known as the “White Temple”, which is probably the most recognised temple in Thailand or if you’re more or if you want to head out to an even more regional area, you could travel out to Pai, a small town situated a alongside a serene river and has multiple gorges and hot springs within the area.    

Thailand happens to be one of those countries where it is hard to stray off the beaten path unless you know the language. Many Thai natives, especially the older generation, lack a grasp of the English language so it's advised to be well-versed in Thai if you are looking to visit the country. We believe Thai is a language worth learning.


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