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Tucked in between the Pyrenees mountains in the west, the Alps in the east and the Mediterranean Sea in the south, France is located in the heart of Europe. When you think France you think art and architecture. History and landmarks. Tight, winding roads and bustling cafes. Paris, Marseilles and Lyon. Each a city with their own individual characteristics.  Paris with its Eiffel Tower and Pyramid of the Louvre. Marseilles with its beautiful sunset over the coast line. Lyon with all it's historical buildings and Renaissance era architecture. 

With a population number just over 67 million as of 2018, France comes in at 21 for the most populated nation. The Kingdom of France was first formed in 476, but it wasn't until the Renaissance years that French culture really began to flourish. Modern day France is globally considered a great power in the world, being one of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. 

Similar to Italian, French evolved from Vulgar Latin and is part of the Romance language family. There are approximately 274 million French speakers throughout the world - with a large portion situated in Africa due to the French colonisation. The OIF, an international organisation representing countries that recognise French as their official language, estimates that there will be 700 million people in the world who can speak French by 2050. This is a major reason as to why we believe French is a language worth learning.


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