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Although English is not mentioned in the Constitution of Australia, it is widely considered the national language. Dating back to the colonisation of Australia, English has had widespread use throughout the whole country. 

English was first spoken in medieval England and is a language which has drastically developed over the last 1500 years. Think of how different Shakespeare's plays sound to the English we speak today - and that's only 500 years of change. However, as old as English may be, you may be surprised to find that there are still approximately 4,000 words being added to the English dictionary every single year! Also surprisingly, even though English is the official language in over 60 countries, it is actually the third most spoken language in the world and sits behind Chinese (Mandarin) and Spanish. 

Did you know that over 80% of all information stored across the entire world is in English? Think about it. That’s every single computer in the world. The cause of this was due to the technical limitations which were in place for early computer systems and also the lack of international standards on the internet back at that stage. In this day and age though, everyone uses a computer of some sort - whether it’s a desktop, laptop or smartphone - so make sure your English is up to scratch!

Our tutors cater for a range of needs - from someone who has recently come to Australia and would like to learn the language from the ground up (help with PTE or IELTs) to someone born in Australia with an intermediate knowledge of English who feels they need to brush up on their English skills in order to advance their career or even someone who is in need of some help with the VCE curriculum. With 840 million speakers spread throughout 67 countries through the world, we believe English is a language worth learning.


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