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Chinese (Mandarin)

Immense. That is how we would describe the People's Republic of China in one word. From vast green bamboo forests to the busy night markets of Hong Kong to the joys of the latest Disneyland in Shanghai, China has offerings for any type of traveler. 

Chinese (Mandarin) is the number one most spoken language in the world. Close to a billion people speak this language - that's almost 15% of the world's population. If you're set on learning a language but unsure of which one to learn - Chinese (Mandarin) may be the one for you.

This oriental language will most likely have the most real-use case in your day-to-day life considering the number of people who speak it in the world. Our course is designed, not just for those who wish to travel to China - we understand, as a developing economic powerhouse, many people wish to study Chinese (Mandarin) for business purposes too. Whether you are choosing to learn this language for business or leisure, we believe Chinese (Mandarin) is a language worth learning.


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